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$0.99 (USD), free trial

latest version: 1.0

release date: 1/21/2011


My MoviePlex is a Windows Phone 7 app for managing your movie collection. It will keep track of your collection, wishlist and what is out on loan. You can search for movies using the vast repository of and add them to your collection or wishlist with a simple tap.


  • search the full repository of
  • add to, remove from collection
  • add to, remove from wishlist
  • transfer from wishlist to collection
  • lend out and return movies
  • full movie details, including rating, categories, mpaa rating, synopsis, cast and crew
  • configurable sorting (sort by title, release date, date added and rating)
  • trial and full version available

The trial version is fully functionable, but limited to saving 30 movies.


main page - collection main page - wishlist main page - loan movie details - overview movie details - cast + crew loan loan detail search movie